Pretoria, South Africa, March 18, 2024 - The International Organization for Migration (IOM) is pleased to announce the commencement of a study visit aimed at enhancing capacities in migration data governance for the Technical Working Group (TWG) on Migration and Displacement Data from Somalia. The event, taking place at the ANEW Hotel in Hatfield, South Africa from March 18 to March 20, 2024, is a collaborative effort led by the Somali National Bureau of Statistics (SNBS) with support from IOM through the United States of America funded Africa Regional Migration Program (ARMP), and hosted by the Government of South Africa through its Statistics South Africa (STATS SA) mechanism.

The study visit is designed to provide TWG members with practical experience and knowledge in establishing effective migration data governance frameworks, including protocols for data sharing, IT systems and infrastructures for data analysis, and the development of migration data strategies and workplans. Participants from various government agencies in Somalia, such as the SNBS, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Office of the Special Presidential Envoy for Migration, as well as from relevant ministries of the Government of South Africa, are attending the event.

The increasing focus on the developmental implications of human migration, and the need to mainstream migration into the different sectoral policies, have also created a demand for new types of evidence”, said Lily Sanya, IOM Chief of Mission for South Africa. “More insights into migrant characteristics and trends are now required”.

Key agenda items for the study visit include presentations from the SNBS and STATS SA) on migration data governance frameworks, data-sharing strategies, IT infrastructure practices, and the integration of migration data into national coordination mechanisms. The event aims to facilitate knowledge exchange and collaboration to improve the availability and reliability of migration data in Somalia.

 “We are looking forward to learning from you over the next few days, through fruitful exchanges on migration data gathering and governance”, said Mr Abdirahman Omar Dahir, Deputy Director of Somalia National Bureau of Statistics (SNBS).

The study visit follows earlier initiatives by IOM and the SNBS to enhance the production and sharing of migration data in Somalia, with a focus on establishing evidence-based policies and operational actions. By leveraging lessons learned from countries with advanced migration data initiatives, the TWG members are expected to gain valuable insights to support their ongoing efforts in Somalia.


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