IOM launches 2016 Migration Governance Index

The International Organization for Migration (IOM), in partnership with The Economist Intelligence Unit, is pleased to announce the launch of the 2016 Migration Governance Index (MGI). Set to be launched on 20 May 2016, the study was designed as a bench-marking tool, not as a ranking system to compare countries’ performance as far as migration governance is concerned.

Commissioned by the IOM, and designed and researched by the Economist Intelligence Unit, MGI is aimed at providing a consolidated framework for evaluating country-specific migration governance structures, and to act as a potential source for informing implementation of migration-related Shared Development Goals (SDBs).

The MGI process has generated insights into common trends and contrastive differences across the 15 studied countries. Measuring policies in terms of how comprehensive and coherent they are reveals a range of behaviours, strategies and approaches used by a diverse set of countries to manage migration. This, in turn, provides ideas and identifies good practices to help MGI countries benchmark their performance, and to help other countries in similar circumstances.