Tender Notice - ECHO PROJECT NO. ECHO/-SF/BUD/2015/02009



IOM with Funding from ECHO Project No. ECHO/-SF/BUD/2015/02009 engaged the services of Landmark Construction for the Drilling and Construction of 3 boreholes within TA Malemia in Nsanje District (the “Works”). The Works are what in the Agreement no. MWI/CONS/GT0072/2016 requires the Contractor to construct, install and turn over to IOM, as defined in the plans, specifications and BOQ.

Scope of Work: The Contractor shall furnish all the necessary materials, tools and equipment, labor, supervision, and other services, for the satisfactory and timely completion of the Works.

Contract Price: MWK 12,188,962.50 (Twelve Million One Hundred Eighty Eight Thousand Nine Hundred Sixty Two Malawi Kwacha Fifty Tambala) equivalent of Euro 15,165.00 inclusive of all applicable fees, taxes and permits that may be imposed by any Government entity in connection with the execution, completion, and turnover of the Works pursuant to this Agreement. 

Completion Period:

3 February 2016 - 30 March 2016

International Organization for Migration (IOM)

Attn: Sikhulile DHLAMINI

Off Presidential Road Plot No. 156  Area 14

Post Office Box 31305

Lilongwe, Capital City


Email: sidhlamini@iom.int