Regional Programmes

Emergency and Humanitarian Assistance

IOM provides emergency and humanitarian assistance to migrants and displaced people, enhancing preparedness and early warning systems, as well as initiating early recovery for disaster risk reduction and community stabilization in areas affected by natural and unnatural disasters.

Migration and Health

Migration and Health initiatives are aimed at addressing the health vulnerabilities and challenges faced by migrants and migration affected communities by responding to their health needs throughout all phases of the migration process.

Migration Policy Research and Dialogue

IOM has promoted the need for regional co-ordination on migration management within the Southern Africa region. In the absence of a regional Migration Protocol, there exists no formal mechanism in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) to coordinate migration...

Movement and Resettlement

Organizing the transportation of refugees and migrants for the purpose of resettlement is a core activity of IOM in Southern Africa. Working closely with the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), IOM coordinates pre-entry medical assessment and the transport logistics for...

Regulating Migration

Irregular Migration has been one of the main areas of activities of the regional office in South Africa.