Regional ICT and Database Officer

the Regional ICT and Database Officer support will include the following:

ICT Support:

  1. Support and monitor the implementation of the Regional ICT Strategy and corresponding action plans pertaining to the Region and its alignment with the overall Regional and Global ICT strategy.
  2. Provide technical guidance, and support to the Country Offices (COs) ICT Teams; and participate in recruitment process of ICT staff in COs. Support CO ICT staff in evaluating, identifying, and reporting on resources required (human or financial) and specific ICT requirements in the region
  3. Promote synergies, harmonization, and alignment of the ICT activities in the Region and globally.
  4. Promote and support Regional ICT resources sharing, aimed at streamlining ICT support and improving overall efficiencies of the ICT Team. Participate in the development and implementation of multi-country ICT projects.
  5. Ensure appropriate coordination and information sharing within the Regional Office and with ICT Central Teams on ICT activities and projects/ programmes.
  6. Contribute to raising awareness and building the capacities of IOM staff about new technologies, ICT initiatives and projects.
  7. Support the technical implementation for projects with significant ICT component developed by COs in the Region and ensure that the ICT component of endorsed projects are consistent with the ICT Strategy, policies, and relevant instructions
  8. Provide technical and administrative support and guidance to mission management for the adequate planning and provision of ICT systems, services and equipment.

Regional Migration Data Hub Support (RMDHub):

  1. Support RMDHub and DTM activities with IT-related aspects of Information Management initiatives and coordinate the development, design and maintenance of databases and data collection and storage tools to facilitate a regular and reliable integrated mechanism for information management across RMDHub and DTM activities.
  2. Ensure the process of data cleaning, consolidation and harmonization within RMDHub and DTM country, regional and global databases in line with HQ’s DTM methodological framework and IOM’s technical Information Management requirements (data cleansing, migration, integration, and quality control).
  3. Propose the design of and apply methodologies and data collection tools for thematic surveys and assessments.
  4. Supervise data collection processes and data management activities including encoding, storing, and transferring data as well as processing. Prepare and implement proper backup, restore, data validation, and security procedures to ensure data integrity and availability.
  5. Support in the maintenance of a geographical information system (GIS), and GIS/ database integration.
  6. Create and maintain documentation of the Database environment.
  7. Assist with the development and maintenance of web-based applications and reporting tools, including the RMDHub online portal.
  8. Conduct preliminary analysis of data collected through DTM and other exercises and provide inputs for the development of information products that best visualize and disseminate the information, in close coordination with the Regional Data Hub.
  1. Provide user support, guidelines, training materials and training sessions on the deployment, use, operation and maintenance of databases and data collection systems to government authorities, programme staff, and implementing partners.
  2. Undertake duty travel in support of Country Offices when necessary.
  3. Any other duties that might be assigned.


Duty Station: 
IOM Regional Office in Pretoria, South Africa
NOA (UN Salary scale for National Officers in the Republic of South Africa)
Closing Date: 
Friday, December 18, 2020