R-UNSDG and CADRI Partnership Multi-country Facilitator for Eastern and Southern Africa


The objective of this assignment is twofold:

(1) to facilitate the CADRI Partnership engagement in Eastern and Southern Africa by assisting planning and delivering joint capacity development services in selected countries (50%).

(2) to support other R-UNSDG inter-agency initiatives, as requested by IOM Regional Director, acting R-UNSDG ESA chair (50%).


Under the leadership of the IOM as host agency for the consultant,  FAO as co-chair of CADRI coordination mechanism for Southern Africa and respectively UNFPA for Eastern Africa, the R-UNSDG and CADRI Partnership Multi-country Facilitator for Eastern and Southern Africa will perform the following duties and responsibilities:


  • Facilitate the deployment of interagency multi-disciplinary expertise from various CADRI members agencies to respond to country requests for CADRI services in selected countries, including by liaising with the UN RC/ HC Office to develop mission TORs, identify suitable dates for missions, and coordinate logistics for mission preparation; mobilize expertise from CADRI member agencies; when relevant, call upon the CADRI Geneva Secretariat to mobilize additional expertise from CADRI agencies HQ or through the expert or stand-by partners’ rosters.
  • Lead or support the leadership of CADRI missions by participating into CADRI missions deployed to countries;
  • Coordinate the consolidation of inputs from all mission members into the mission deliverables (e.g. scoping mission report, capacity diagnosis report, capacity development plan, contingency plan, national DRR strategy, risk informed national / local plans, UN joint programme);
  • Develop mission preparation (e.g. mission TORs) and end-of-mission documentation (e.g. PPT presentation for UNCT/ HCT and government; debriefing notes; talking points for RC or agency RR; etc.); maintain an online document management system accessible to CADRI member agencies.
  • Liaise with UN RC/ HC Office on a quarterly basis to follow up on implementation of CADRI recommendations and document CADRI impact at country level and identify, when relevant, need for additional support from regional agencies in specific sectors;
  • Facilitate the development of communications and knowledge products featuring lessons learned, impact analyses, country case studies from the region;
  • Prepare annual report on the results of the CADRI Partnership in the region;
  • Share regular updates with the CADRI Secretariat in Geneva.



  • Country support missions of various types coordinated and completed with written positive feedback in the feedback forms from UNRC, UNCT and Government counterparts. Mission types may include: scoping mission (3 working days); diagnosis mission (10 working days); prioritization/ planning mission (5 to 10 working days); validation mission (2 days); technical assistance mission (3 to 5 working days).
  • Mission TORs and mission back-to-office reports developed and shared based on coordinated input from mission participants and integrating changes requested by the UNCT/ HCT and Government.
  • Deliverables in support of Government facilitated in countries, for instance: Capacity Diagnosis Report; National Plan of Action/ Strategy/ Framework; UN Joint Programme (concept note or draft).
  • Country stories documenting CADRI Partnership impact developed and shared based on guidance and sample from the CADRI secretariat in Geneva.
  • Annual report on the results of the CADRI Partnership in the region.
  • Regional agencies quarterly meeting minutes and supporting documentation developed and shared with the regional group through the (co-)chairs of these groups.
  • One refresher workshop organized and facilitated and workshop report produced and disseminated.
  • Online document management system regularly updates with all relevant country documents accessible to CADRI member agencies.
  • Reports documenting R-UNSDG for Eastern and Southern Africa meetings and initiatives developed and disseminated to R-UNSDG members.


Duty Station: 
Pretoria, South Africa (Regional Office)
Closing Date: 
Thursday, November 28, 2019