Ripfumelo HIV Prevention and Care Programme for Farm Workers in South Africa

ripfumelo headerIn South Africa, with support from USAID/PEPFAR, IOM implements the Ripfumelo Project focusing on HIV/AIDS/STI/TB prevention and care interventions for migrants and mobile populations including communities they interact with.

The expanded project implemented in Limpopo, Mpumalanga and Gauteng Provinces covers sectors that are impacted by migration such as commercial agriculture, mining, informal settlements and border towns.

IOM South Africa also continues to provide technical support and capacity building in ensuring migrant-sensitive policies and Programmes at local, provincial and national level. The 2012- 2016 National Strategic Plan (NSP) for HIV/AIDS, STI and TB includes migrants as one of the key populations. Migrants face challenges and barriers at individual, environmental and structural level, making them particularly vulnerable to HIV and TB.

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