Operations Associate (Movements and Data Processing)

Responsibilities and Accountabilities

  1. Oversee team leader-headed teams of up to a total of 16 staff members who are undertaking movement activities, including coordinating, scheduling and booking travel, distributing Advance Booking Notifications (ABNs), and issuing updates on domestic flights, cancellations and departure notifications; or data processing activities, including recording demographic and biographic information in MiMOSA, confirming receipt to third parties, and managing, securing, and accounting for travel documents in accordance with the local standard operating procedures (SOPs).
  2. Promote staff development processes such as hiring, providing training, assigning duties and giving feedback to staff members on their performance on a regular basis to ensure high quality work and the accurate completion of activities.
  3. Oversee the organization and completion of all bookings by Movements’ staff members in a timely manner and in accordance with the Handbook of IOM Tariffs (HIT). Ensure compliance with program-specific SOPs for different migrant types and other modes of travel by air, land or sea.
  4. Supervise the distribution of travel information to internal and external stakeholders.
  5. Oversee the creation of movement data files, by ABN, for all individuals in accordance with

    SOPs. Oversee Movements staff members as they compile and analyze descriptive statistics, using I-GATOR to capture costs and prepare travel loan paperwork as specified in SOPs and in accordance with host government’s procedures.

  6. Certify vendor-incurred costs and verify charges for beneficiary movements; capture costs in the movement cost report, monitor cost settlement and transfer to financial accounting.
  7. Ensure Data Processing staff members are undertaking secure storage of documentation and data in accordance with IOM principles and guidelines, that they are taking all necessary

    measures to guarantee limited access to physical files, and that they are dispatching travel documents and coordinating exit permits in a timely manner. Ensure the travel bag has all necessary documentation to depart the country.

  8. Oversee Data Processing staff members as they process exit permits and travel documents in close coordination with supervisors and other IOM colleagues; this may include direct communication with beneficiaries in relation to requesting them to submit required documentation in accordance with SOPs.
  1. Oversee the preparation of Data Processing reports on the receipt of documentation to time

    of service delivery, as well as regular data mining reports confirming MiMOSA is up-to-date and accurate; advise management on possible issues which need attention and suggest corrective actions. Report specifically to management on any problems encountered like denials of exit permits, the reasons for such denials and possible solutions.

  2. Oversee pre-departure counselling on pre-embarkation procedures and special needs during travel (such as meals, medication, wheelchairs and medical conditions) as needed and identity and document verification prior to the distribution of travel documentation to departing individuals. Identify beneficiary vulnerabilities and coordinate appropriate action to ensure they are addressed, including overseeing the coordination of escorts.
  3. Under the supervision of Operations Manager, liaise as needed with other teams and units in IOM Pretoria and with external partners such as airport and government authorities, the US Embassy and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). Provide regular feedback on work being accomplished to the Operations Manager and keep supervisors immediately informed of any issues that arise.
  4. Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of relevant Movement Operations SOPs and Movements-related systems and databases (including iGATOR, MiMOSA, SAR and Amadeus), as well as the ability to remain professional, impartial and unbiased during all interactions with migrants and colleagues per the IOM Code of Conduct and instruction on the prevention of sexual exploitation and abuse (PSEA).
  5. Maintain and ensure the confidentiality and integrity of all relevant paperwork in line with standards of conduct and data protection rules. Alert Operations Manager or management of any non-compliance to SOPs or codes of conduct by IOM staff members or partners.
  6. Perform such other duties as may be assigned.
Duty Station: 
CO Pretoria, South Africa
G7 (UN Salary Scale for General Staff)
Closing Date: 
Wednesday, December 16, 2020