Government of Zimbabwe and IOM Lead the Development of First Ever Health Information Portal for the Southern Africa Development Community

Date Publish: 
Monday, May 16, 2016

“This portal is an innovative and collaborative first-of-its-kind health information sharing tool in the region. It is a paradigm shift in development of sustainable solutions in addressing Southern Africa’s long standing health challenges”. Said  Hon. Dr P Parirenyatwa, Minister of Health and Child Care, Zimbabwe in his opening remarks.

The International Organization for Migration (IOM), Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) and the Ministry of Health and Child Care, Zimbabwe is hosting a two day consultative health meeting in Harare, Zimbabwe.


The meeting is being attended by twenty key Ministry of Health officials from Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia, Lesotho and Swaziland. The main objective of the meeting is to agree on key milestones to support the information portal and solidifying an e-channel partnership between the private sector and SADC member states.


During the deliberation sessions the Minister of Health of Lesotho Hon. Dr Monyamana said “We are not necessarily looking for extra collaboration but comparative advantage for the all the SADC member states. This platform gives us the opportunity to learn from each other and implement workable solutions for our people.”


“This portal is critical in strengthening cross border and inter-regional coordination mechanisms, which will promote delivery of quality health care for migrants and host communities in the region. IOM is keen on enhancing the partnership between the public and private sectors in developing and harmonizing innovative solutions in addressing health challenges in the region by sharing best practices not just of the public sector engagement - but also to showcase the private sector capabilities and efficiencies.” Remarked Dr Erick Ventura, Regional Programme Coordinator Migration Health - Southern Africa.


The portal is one of the four key deliverables agreed upon by the SADC ministers of health task force at the WHA 2015 ministers meeting in Victoria Falls. The tool is envisioned to provide a platform for the private sector and public sector can share information of initiatives across the public and private sector.


With the objective of defeating health challenges with the collation of best business practice diseases in question and aims to enhance our sharing expertise on an ongoing basis. Therefore the portal allows for transfer between various parts of the public and private sector without waiting for a formal occasion to start sharing knowledge and resources in the day to day interventions across the region.


The meeting came to a close on 13 with the following resolutions as the way forward:

  1. Signing of a Cooperation of Agreement between IOM and SAP- the company that has been developing the IT infrastructure of the portal. The signing ceremony is anticipated be done at the AIDS Conference in Durban in the presence of Ministers.  IOM will harness the linkages and SAP will be responsible for the infrastructure of the website.
  2. Establishment of an Editorial Team to manage the packaging and presentation of content to be uploaded on the portal. Each country will appoint a focal point to work with the editorial team in sharing data and information.
  3. Establish a SADC focal person who is capable to provide information in various countries i.e he/she should have health information skills and public relations by July 2016.
  4. Hon. Dr Parirenyatwa (MoHCC), Zimbabwe will share an update letter with other Ministers on the developments and discussions of a ministerial briefing the meeting.


For further information please contact Vyona Oorot IOM Nairobi, Tel. +254701431817, Email: [email protected]