Migration Health Processing Assistant

Responsibilities and Accountabilities

Call Centre overall duties:

  1. Register the migrants in the IOM database, schedule and confirm medical appointments and receive and communicate messages for relevant medical staff and partners
  2. Prepare master lists of migrants scheduled for health assessment processing and submit them to respective service providers / relevant persons as required
  3. Maintain daily statistics related to health assessments and update the records; and
  4. Contribute to customer satisfaction evaluation management

Data Entry overall duties:

  1. Perform all the necessary data processing activities of the Migration Health Assessment Centre (MHAC), such as:
    1. receiving the registration information
    2. entering bio-data of the applicants in the appropriate platform
    3. taking photos using webcam and loading the image to the appropriate platform; and
    4. printing of medical forms, consent forms and other necessary documents
  2. Receive all completed medical examination forms, x-rays and other documents from Country Offices or Panel Physicians while updating the relevant colleagues of the same in the database and forward for quality check before clearance, if applicable
  3. Prepare, sort and package medical files and other documents during mobile migration health assessment missions where such mobile units are available
  4. Transmit completed medical forms, DNA packages and other medical documents either by electronic means or by courier services to the various partners. Ensure correct contacts and physical address are used whenever documents are transmitted by courier services and ensure to inform the receiving party of the parcel tracking number electronically
  1. File incoming/outgoing letters, reports, memoranda, emails faxes as well as IOM documents and forms related to IOM medical issues
  2. Check, print and make photocopy of bank deposit slips (or other proof of payment). Regularly submit these photocopies to the Administrative/Finance Assistant

General data and quality assurance support overall duties:

  1. Maintain various internal office administrative support procedures such as document tracking, filing, archiving and monthly reporting
  2. Assist in maintaining order in the e-archiving system for medical files, blood test results and follow-ups
  3. Prepare mail out lists for the embassies; liaise with the embassies regarding the processing status of immigrants and dispatch of the documents
  4. Set up and maintain an orderly storage system to keep hard copies of medical documents (informed consent, radiologist’s report, sputum smear results, pregnancy test results etc.)
  5. Photocopy and scan medical documents as necessary
  6. Suggest improvements to strengthen internal control mechanisms; provide inputs for new

    procedures to complement or to improve existing instructions/standard operating procedures

    in order to achieve streamlined efficiencies

  7. Receive all completed medical deferrals/furtherance, x-rays and other documents from MHD,

    update the reception of the same in the database and forward to the migration health

    physician for clearance

  8. Generate periodic and ad hoc reports as required by the standard operating procedures and

    as requested by the manager

  9. Initiate and follow up communications for medical holds and QC issues
  10. Consult with the manager for reporting and information requests from external partners
  11. Communicate and to request for solutions in consultation with the manager as required with

    regional hub in Nairobi for data related issues; and

  12. Perform such other duties as may be assigned


Duty Station: 
CO Pretoria, South Africa
G4 (UN Salary Scale for General Staff)
Closing Date: 
Tuesday, December 15, 2020