Consultant – Assessment of feasibility for upgrading information sharing and network intelligence systems (Migration and maritime governance)

Core Functions / Responsibilities:

Purpose of the Assignment

This consultancy forms part of a project entitled: “Supporting the Western Indian Ocean Mechanism for Maritime Security: Promoting Maritime Governance on Migration Issues in the Indian Ocean Commission Region”, financed by the IOM Development Fund and implemented by the International Organization for Migration (IOM). The project aims to contribute to strengthen Governments’ capacities in selected Western Indian Ocean countries to better understand and address the risks and threats posed by migration-related transnational organized maritime crime in the region, including migrant smuggling. Result 2 of the project seeks to ensure that information and intelligence sharing networks are strengthened to adequately address transnational crime threats in the Western Indian Ocean region.

The IOM is seeking the services of a Consultant with expertise in immigration, intelligence and risk management processes to undertake an assessment on the setting up of a secured dedicated network and database dedicated to migration related information and intelligence sharing in the context of maritime security and governance.

Scope of the Assignment

IOM is seeking the services of a Consultant to undertake an assessment designed to identify possible upgrades to the existing regional operational network of the RMIFC, which will target the multiple sources of information and the consolidation of the transmission of data, as well to create a separate migration database, which will be dedicated to list any migration related data and information. This consultancy will be undertaken with specific reference to the requirements of the IOC, RMIFC and RCOC as well as IOC Member States.

The assessment will ascertain the technical and IT requirements for the establishment of the network and database including types of data and intelligence to be collected, mechanisms for exchange and protection of data as well as how the data can serve for operational purposes. This assessment will be achieved by supporting data capture, analysis and sharing which facilitates immigration related intelligence with a view to safety and security building of the area, as well as continuity and consistency of information sharing across maritime zones. It will be implemented in close collaboration with the RMIFC and RCOC. To some extent, information on smuggling and counter smuggling operations when identified/documented is collated and disseminated through the RMIFC reports. What lacks though is an understanding of the information gaps, and then, a reflexion on how that intelligence could be best used for purposes of operational/policy responses. This outcome will therefore focus on information and intelligence sharing to increase and improve case detection. It will also contribute to inform migration flows, routes and characterize trends and

guide RMIFC and RCOC’s operational interventions and be used for policy responses within the MASE Programme.

The assignment will be undertaken under the overall supervision of the Head of Office for IOM Mauritius & Seychelles and in close coordination with the IOM regional experts. It will comprise both desk review and data collection in the field. IOM in coordination with the consultant(s) will agree on the scope and methodology.

Overall, the research will include the following:

  • To undertake an assessment on the setting up of a secured dedicated network and

    database for migration related information and intelligence sharing in the context of

    maritime security

  • To assess the legal framework around data sharing within and among the different

    stakeholders (both regional and national)

  • To assess the level of digitalization of the different institutions (both regional and


  • To assess the technical and IT requirements for the establishment of the network

    and database

  • To identify the type and nature of migration-related information and intelligence and

    those data that are not collected but are substantial in the context of maritime

    security and migration

  • To review the operational procedures and guidelines of the different intelligence

    offices and systems in the countries

  • To interview the officers involved in data capture and sharing
  • To assess the level of equipment and the strengths and weaknesses
  • To assess the level of efficiency and collaboration on migration intelligence sharing

    between both centers, the RCOC and RMIFC

  • To participate in site visits at both regional centers and in countries offices


    The consultant is expected to perform the following tasks / activities:

    a) Inception report: The Consultant will prepare an inception report including the methodology to be used as to how he/she will approach the assignment, outlining the tools and methods for the desk review and field work, which will be reviewed and cleared by IOM. This report will include the breakdown of work, the timelines and an overview of stakeholders to be engaged during the assignment;

    b) Desk review: A desk review will be undertaken on the strengthening of existing information and data exchange mechanisms in order to achieve a secured dedicated network and database for migration related information and intelligence sharing in the context of maritime security. This desk review should: i) ascertain types of data and sources and existing sharing mechanism for the network and the database; and ii) appraise the feasibility and the technical and IT requirements for the achievement of a secured dedicated network and database;

c) Consultations: The Consultant will be expected to schedule appointments and carry out consultations with the relevant national and regional stakeholders to gather information for the assessment, which will help in preparing the desk review;

d) Field work: The Consultant will conduct field work and site visits in four IOC countries (Mauritius, Seychelles, Madagascar and Comoros). The visits will include working sessions with the RMIFC in Madagascar and the RCOC in Seychelles;

e) Analysis and Recommendations: The Consultant will provide a technical analysis of the requirements for strengthening existing information and data exchange mechanisms and achieving a secured dedicated platform and propose a technically viable solution, based on inputs and feedback from the IOC and regional stakeholders. The assessment will include an in-depth review of other existing platforms that share data and intelligence on human mobility and migration. While this assessment will focus on the IOC region, it will take into consideration good practices from other regions related to similar platforms, especially in a maritime context;

f) Validation of findings: The Consultant will be expected to share a draft report with IOM for review and validation. Moreover, the Consultant will be expected to participate and present outcomes of the assessment at agreed technical and strategic platforms in order to discuss, validate and, where relevant, promote the proposed schemes;

g) Final report: The Consultant will produce a final written report, which will be a synthesis of the desk review, overview of the platform and recommendations. The final report will also include a summary brief, which will act as a quick reference of the findings.


This assignment is planned to be conducted over a period of 6-months, starting tentatively in August 2020, but the actual timeline is subject to change based on the date the agreement is signed between IOM and the Consultant. The assignment shall be completed no later than end of February 2021.


  1. Inception report
  2. Draft Report of the b) desk review c) field work and d) analysis and recommendations
  3. Final, print ready report and summary brief

All documents are to be produced and delivered in French. Regular email updates and calls with the IBM RTS in Pretoria, Head of Office in Mauritius and Chief of Mission in Madagascar will be either in English or French.

Duty Station: 
Homebased and travel to sites
Closing Date: 
Friday, July 10, 2020